Sunday, May 30, 2010


Hello again from Senchi Ferry, Ghana. Week 2 was very active for all team members and the community on a number of fronts. The library team, named the Nerds of Fire, catalogued over 8000 books into the computer and are currently working on a lending plan so books are returned in a timely manner (Joyce was on this team). The outside of the building was painted in a seafoam green with white trim, lending an elegant touch to the community landscape. Book shelves were painted in preparation for placement in the coming week.

The dental clinic also made great strides this week. A new tile floor was placed, new storage cabinets were done, and a new sink with running water was put in. The new autoclave is in place and working. Over the past two weeks, over 210 patients have been seen. This included many extractions, including impacted wisdom and malpositioned teeth, many composite fillings, and cleanings. Also, 20 of these patients were sent to the nearby dental facility where acrylic partial and full appliances were fabricated. These patients were very happy and returned to the clinic to show us their new teeth.

On Thursday a recognition event was held a held by the community Chiefs and elders to acknowledge the accomplishments by the team and community members. The McNally family was acknowledged for spearheading the funding and work on the library. Kathleen Ismail was acknowledged for her work on the Ghana Scholarship Fund for students to attend the new high school nearby. Lewie Pierce was recognized for the work on the dental clinic since its inception one year ago. There were speeches, dancing and singing by team and community members.

On Friday a send out dinner celebration was held for the two week team members returning to the US. In attendance were the Chiefs, clinic staff members, library staff members, teachers, and team members. Jack McNally played and sang several beautiful songs along with several people playing drums.
Overall, it was another excellent week by a a fantastic team who, along with community members, saw major accomplishments happen.

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