Saturday, June 5, 2010


It was our last week in Ghana and the time flew by. Five team members left on Sunday and returned to the US.

The library team continued cataloging books and also wrapping them with a saran type material to preserve them longer. The carpenters were also busy building book shelves so that the next teams prepare the library for use this fall. The dedication of the building will be in January 2011, though the library itself will be in use by early September.

The teaching team did classroom work in the morning and tutored, played ball, soccer and frisbee in the afternoon. The kids especially like the one on one and physical activity in the field in the afternoon. Joyce taught a group of 20 3rd graders at the B. Akoto Primary School in Senchi Ferry. The kids are bright, beautiful, and so motivated. Four or five boys could be found in the classroom during play breaks, eagerly reading new story books. They each made a surprise Christmas card for her as a going away gift, so "you'll remember us when Christmas comes."

The dental clinic continued its steady pace this final week. The team saw over 300 patients during the three weeks with over 400 extractions, 75 fillings, many cleanings, and 35 acrylic tooth appliances. The patients receiving the appliances were especially appreciative since many of them have been without teeth for years. With the many updates of flooring, cupboards, sterilization and storage systems, the clinic is nearing the time when the government will be able to take it into their national health system and provide Ghanean dental staff.

Tonight we make the transition from Ghana to Rome (via Amsterdam), and another project in a couple of weeks.